With more than 50 years of experience, the Danish public sector as we know it today is one of the most technologically advanced in the world and drives continuous innovation.

The digital journey has brought many changes into public administration which have greatly enhanced quality of life and made Denmark a successful GovTech integrator.

GovTech solutions help individuals and businesses interact efficiently with authorities on a daily basis. The strong belief in public authorities sets a solid foundation for building a robust E-government that raises digital transformation awareness and solves pressing societal issues.


Denmark’s strategy toward digitising the public sector

The Danish government has explicitly created and followed the national targets for digitising the public sector. By being ambitious and setting high goals, Denmark has become a global frontrunner in public digitalisation that aims to leverage GovTech and promote it internationally.

GovTech consists of a wide range of big and small Danish-built digital companies that aim to create joint public infrastructures which connect people with authorities with as little 1:1 interaction as possible. The sector grows rapidly and is characterised by budding GovTech startups and scaleups.

Denmark’s strategy toward digitising the public sector

The emergence of Danish GovTech solutions

Transforming the public sector is an enormous challenge. The need for transparency, inclusiveness, fairness, and democracy creates excellent prepositions for GovTech to scale and be an attractive export market.

Supporting residents and businesses by making sure technology is easily understood and freely used by everyone is an ongoing initiative in Denmark. The human-centric approach to digitisation helps Denmark earn global trust and be a step ahead of many other countries worldwide.

The emergence of Danish GovTech solutions

Showcasing Danish GovTech solutions

  • Digital Denmark

    Digital Denmark

  • cBrain


  • e-Boks


  • FrontDesk


  • KMD


  • Kube Data

    Kube Data

  • Netcompany


  • Nets Group

    Nets Group

  • Systematic


Meet the Danish GovTech solutions

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Meet the Danish GovTech solutions
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