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Digital Hub Denmark connects international tech talent, startups, companies, investors, and delegations with outstanding opportunities in Denmark. We are dedicated to making the digital playground in Denmark even more attractive and appealing to those, who want to experience the great work-life balance, high living standard, positive working culture, and start their business endeavors in the country.

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Reasons to tech up in Denmark

  • Most digital society

    Denmark ranks no. 1 on the UN's eGovernment rankings with a citizen-first approach, providing top-tier digital solutions for easy public administration, communication, and services. We seek constant advancement in our information society services, that enable us to be among the most popular counties for high living standards and work-life balance in Europe.

  • Thriving community

    Even though Denmark is a relatively small country, we have a big impact on the world. Our tech scene is closely connected, featuring a supportive entrepreneurial community, which is an important factor for our success. We connect, share and build supportive network that help us to work together and accelerate faster.

  • A strong investment landscape

    Denmark has a lot to offer when it comes to business opportunities. Public and private fundings foster the growth of tech ecosystems and ensure fast scaling. In addition, danish digitalisation enables startups to innovate quickly, which attracts more and more international investments every year.

  • Trust-based relationships

    Trust is embedded in everything we do in Denmark. Societal trust is rooted deeply in our culture and creates a better business environment, stronger partnerships, solid teamwork, which contributes to work-life balance and a high level of security.

Key Ecospheres

We help fuel the growth across sectors within Denmark’s leading tech ecosystems.

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