Digital Hub Denmark


Digital Hub Denmark connects great
ideas with robust experience and works
to make Denmark a preferred digital




Our ambition is to make Denmark the most thriving and attractive digital growth environmment in Europe.


Digital Hub Denmark works to make Denmark an even better digital playground. The hub will support the digital ecosystem in Denmark by matching private companies, researchers, tech-entrepreneurs, and students in the development of new digital products, services and business models. Digital Hub Denmark connects great ideas with robust experience.


At the same time the hub will work to attract talents and investments to Denmark, and to ensure that the world knows that Denmark is a digital hub. We are more digital than other countries - and we have been digital for a longer time.


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Our work

Our work

Digital Hub Denmark will pursue our vision and support the digital ecosystem through four core elements:


DIGITAL PLATFORM to match private companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers through company specific challenges


A NATIONAL CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES to support the developments in the field of digital technologies in Denmark and to enhance interdisciplinary research


CONFERENCES AND TRIAL PROJECTS to strengthen the commercial use of data and new digital technologies in the development of new services and business models


INTERNATIONAL MARKETING to strengthen the awareness of Denmark as an attractive digital growth environment.


Big Data
Internet of Things




Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things are evolving quickly these years and it calls for ambitious efforts if Denmark is to realise the vision of becoming a digital frontrunner in Europe.


Private companies and talents are – among other things – drawn by an attractive digital growth environment, where new and value-creating solutions are developed and where new digital start-ups can emerge and succeed. The goal of Digital Hub Denmark is to support and strengthen the digital growth environment in Denmark and to strengthen collaboration across private companies, researchers, and tech-entrepreneurs.



Digital Hub Denmark is a public private partnership between the Danish Government, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Finance Denmark.


Digital Hub Denmark is established as an independent organization. An Advisory Board will be set up consisting of representatives among others from the Danish business community to give advice to the Hub leadership and to ensure a broad inclusion of Danish businesses. Furthermore, Digital Hub Denmark will seek broad collaboration with other actors in Denmark in a joint effort to strengthen the Danish digital growth environment.



Founding partners

Founding partners