FinTech in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most digitalised economies in the world and can be considered a truly cashless society. Thanks to a strong digitalised public sector and high adoption of data in the financial industry the ecosystem for Danish fintechs has seen massive growth over the last five years and offers unique business opportunities for international financial service providers.


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    A strong FinTech ecosystem

    In Copenhagen, the startup-driven cluster organisation Copenhagen Fintech houses 40-50 fintech companies at a time.

    Since Copenhagen Fintech opened its doors in 2016 the Danish fintech scene has grown massively in job creation, investment volume, and partnership formations. With startups at the heart of their operation, Copenhagen Fintech has successfully positioned Denmark as a globally leading fintech hub that contributes to a strong, value-creating financial industry in Denmark and beyond.

    The fintech ecosystem is shaped and defined by the values of Danish digitisation; trust, collaboration, human-centric, and democracy.

    As a service country, Danish fintech companies put the user in the centre of their products and with the high adoption rates of new technologies among Danes, the fintechs are benefitting from an inclusive approach to align the interests of a broad range of stakeholders across the private and public sector, unions, and associations.

    Danish FinTech in numbers

    • 319

      FinTech startups

    • € 1.2 billion

      invested in FinTech startups, 2021

    • 4 068

      employees in FinTech startups

    • 1983


      The national credit card Dankortet was issued. In 2004, the credit card was upgraded to a hybrid card with both a magnetic strip and a chip to improve safety and store more information.

    • 1992

      Saxo Bank

      Investment bank specialising in online trading. Considered the first Danish fintech startup – changed its name to Saxo when the company obtained a banking license in 2001.

    • 2016

      Copenhagen Fintech

      Constituted by public and private organisations to develop a leading global fintech hub. Launched a co-working space, Copenhagen Fintech Lab, in 2016.

    • 2017

      Cashless Society

      Nets launches a Dankort app for the Danes’ wallets, regardless of bank. Marking the shift towards a truly cashless society.

    • 2020

      The first fintech unicorns

      Tradeshift becomes the first Danish fintech unicorn in 2019. In 2020, Chainalysis, once a resident at Copenhagen Fintech Lab, also became a unicorn and Pleo Technologies announced the largest Series A investment in Denmark.

    An ecosystem of many strengths

    The Danish fintech startup scene is diverse with a wide palette of fintech sub-sectors and a thriving ecosystem with strong support from Copenhagen Fintech. The largest group of fintech businesses in Denmark operates within the sector of digital payment solutions and wealth management.

    Explore Copenhagen FinTech to see a comprehensive overview of the Danish fintech ecosystem.

    An ecosystem of many strengths

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