The Nordic Fast Track Program

We are proud to power this year’s Nordic Fast Track Program run by Copenhagen Fintech, helping international FinTech startups to the Danish and European market.


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The strong Danish FinTech ecosystem

Denmark is known for its collaborative and progressive fintech ecosystem around the world, with a wave of successful financial technologies and being one of the most digitalised economies on the planet.

To keep fostering innovation, the Nordic Fast Track has been established to help fintech startups around the world to the Danish fintech scene and help them expand and grow with the advice from the Danish fintech experts and successes.

The program

It is an ongoing 2-month program for non-Danish fintech startups who are either live with a product or have a working prototype. The program will help bring the solution into the Danish, Nordic or European market using Copenhagen as a gateway.

The purpose is to accelerate the learning of the local market and to provide a process and connections for you to quickly find your local product-market fit. Copenhagen is a global fintech hub, and the Copenhagen Fintech Lab is not only the gathering point of the Nordic fintech scene but has incubated more than 120 of the local fintech startups.

The strong Danish FinTech ecosystem

What the program offers



  • April & September

    Starting time 2021

  • Location

    Copenhagen Fintech Lab / Online

  • Target group

    Non-Danish fintech startups

  • Price

    Free participation, but require dedication and on-site presence (dependent on C19 restrictions)

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