Loved the playful interactive elements in the center! It was a great conversation starter on both the robotics ecosystem and what it's like to work and live in Denmark.

- Morten Nielsen, Senior Innovation Advisor of University of Southern Denmark

Odense Elite Robot Summer School

  • Visit to the Digital Hub Denmark Visitors Center
  • 40 international elite robotics students
  • 4 companies
  • 1 company presentation
  • 3 international talents talking about working in Denmark
The delegation was 40 international top students from Technical University of Munich, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Northeastern University and Chalmers University of Technology and 2 Danish universities. The purpose was to explore the world-class robotics ecosystem in Denmark and Digital Hub Denmark introduced the Danish tech ecosystem while Seasony presented their vertical farming robot before 3 expats working in Denmark shared their experiences.

Key Takeaways

"Very interesting to hear about the expats panel and Seasony pitch and just the robotics community in general."


    July, 30th Friday

    • Snacks & welcome

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      After a long day touring Copenhagen, we offer a quick snack and soft drink to recharge.

    • Tour of the Visitors Center

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      Get a thorough understanding of the digital mechanisms of digital Denmark, and learn how the collaborative nature between the public and private sector have helped establish Denmark as the most digital nation in Europe.

      • Nicolaj Christensen

        Nicolaj Christensen

        Operations Director, Digital Hub Denmark

    • Why Denmark?

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      Learn about the Danish values and how we do digital differently. Presenting what it is that makes Denmark stand out as a digital frontrunner and how we are able to attract top international talent.

      • Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

        Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

        CEO, Digital Hub Denmark

    • Starting a robotics company in Denmark

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      What is it like to be part of the Danish robotics ecosystem as a founder? Servet Coskun from Seasony presenting their vertical farming robot and providing insights into the life of a founder, how they've leveraged the ecosystem, raised funding from business angels specialising in robotics and building a platform robotics startup.

      • Servet Coskun

        Servet Coskun

        CTO & Co-Founder, Seasony

      • Seasony


        Vertical farming robotics to reshape the food industry

    • Talented in Denmark

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      Hear the stories of 3 expats living and working in Denmark and get a firsthand insight into what Danish culture is like seen from an international perspective. Learn about the Danish work-life balance, flat hierarchy, the relocating experience and being able to purchase your own home.

      • João Carlos Espiúca Monteiro

        João Carlos Espiúca Monteiro

        Tech Lead, Blue Ocean Robotics

      • Diana Trifon

        Diana Trifon

        Robotics Lead Engineer, QuadSAT

      • Jacobo Domingo Gil

        Jacobo Domingo Gil

        COO and Co-Founder, Robotto

    • Burgers & chill

      @ Digital Hub Denmark Visitor Center

      To wrap things up, we offer delicious sliders from a famed Danish restaurant, a cold drink and for those braving the chilled water, an evening swim in the Copenhagen harbour by the famous Islands Brygge.

Photos from the event

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