EdTech in Denmark

Denmark has a strong legacy in public education and learning ranging back to mid-18th Century. EdTech – the abbreviation for educational technology – is a strong industry sector formed decades ago and EdTech Denmark is a globally leading ecosystem building the future of learning and education. Danish digital solutions are making education more equal and inclusive, with the use of technologies such as machine learning, AI, and natural language processing. The Danish EdTech ecosystem is in rapid growth and paving the way on a global scale for the future of education.

    Education Tech

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    A strong EdTech ecosystem

    Among the OECD countries, Denmark has the highest spend on education of all, aiming at continuously innovating the education system and the technologies used for learning. Clever use of tech has been an important focus at all levels in Danish educational system for a long time, moving school intranets, access to school supplies, and learning platforms online decades ago. The Danish government and educational institutions have long known the importance of implementing technology in education and learning, and with a long history of exceptional pedagogy and didactics, together with the Danish legacy with teaching principles and the world renowned folk high schools ranging back to mid-1800 century combined with a collaborative and innovative approach Denmark can call itself a digital frontrunner within education and EdTech which also includes corporate learning and workforce training.

    In Denmark, you will find the young, but fast-expanding, non-profit organization EdTech Denmark. They have established an association of stakeholders using the triple helix-model across the field of EdTech, gathering research institutes, the educational sector, companies and public entities to develop the future of learning in the digital age.

    With currently more than 70 organizations under their umbrella, their purpose is to promote collaboration and educational enhancement through the development and use of educational technologies. They are a non-profit market-driven cluster association of private and public stakeholders facilitating and participating in partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the field of learning and technology with the purpose of supporting specific innovation projects, research activities and business development at the local, regional, national and international levels.

    Danish EdTech in numbers

    • 144

      EdTech startups

    • € 123 million

      invested in EdTech startups, 2021

    • 4 551

      employees in EdTech startups

    • 1996

      First Danish EdTechs

      In the early days of the internet the first danish EdTechs was established using the term LMS, or Learning Management System, for the software developed offering platforms for teaching online.

    • 1999

      School Intranet

      The first nationwide implantation of learning technology across all elementary schools. Made possible in parts by a political goal to establish internet access across the entire educational sector.

    • 2006

      Universal login

      Single-sign-on solutions such as Uni-Login, Wayf and Nem-ID was adopted across the educational sector. Allowing easy implementation of thousands of users. And guarantying the safe use and transfer of data.

    • 2007

      Learning platforms

      Nationwide curriculum-driven learning platforms got implemented. And along with a political agenda of tracking educational progress, they quickly found wide use.

    • 2012

      Moving to the cloud

      The first municipalities and educational institutions moved to cloud solutions. Along with omnipresent WIFI and publicly-funded devices. Leading to a point where every student in Denmark has access to the internet.

    • 2018

      Building an ecosystem

      The Corona crisis has shown that there is a need for rethinking learning in a digital age. EdTech Denmark has established an ecosystem to help develop the future of learning.

    • 2021

      Danish EdTech delivers solutions globally

      During the COVID-19 crisis, Danish EdTech delivered solutions for nations around the world. Simultaneously, Danish EdTech is one of the most important areas of investment with The Danish Growth Foundation, which has just made its largest investments in EdTech companies.

    An ecosystem of many strengths

    During the COVID-19 lockdown, Danish EdTech has seen a growth of 300% with a high demand both locally and globally. The future of digital education is here and expanding fast to a global market that is hungry for Nordic learning technologies. This suggests an explosive growth in revenue over the coming years.

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