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By marianne

27 August, 2019

How to build a best practice AI function

Many of the world’s leading tech companies have become “AI first” and others are trying to follow them by setting up dedicated AI functions. But what does a best practice AI function look like?  …

By marianne

23 August, 2019

How to integrate AI into your organisation

Corporations in all industries want to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to their advantage. But how can companies integrate AI into their organisations?   At this time, AI talent is scarce and we are all still…

By marianne

20 August, 2019

How to understand AI’s place in the world

There are clear indications that artificial intelligence (AI) can create huge value for companies across industries. But how is AI connected to the physical and digital world?   The figure below gives a high-level illustration.…

By marianne

15 August, 2019

How to get the organisation right

Digital frontrunners across industries are adopting new organisational structures, often inspired by software companies. But how do they organise themselves?    Historically, companies have been organised into functional units, such as R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales,…

By admin

7 August, 2019

How to get competition right

In this digital age, competition between companies is rapidly changing and industry boundaries are transforming. But what does it mean for companies? To understand the competitive and industry transformation taking place, you need to look…

By admin

25 June, 2019

How to get data right

Collecting the right data and combining it in the right way has allowed digital frontrunners to unlock exponentially increasing value. But how do they do it? Historically, companies have only had access to relatively limited…